Salem Keizer Health Care Careers (SKHCC) website has been created to introduce the young people in Salem and Keizer to healthcare career options they may never have considered or even heard of. Everyone is familiar with the doctor and nurse by elementary school as career options. By middle school, most have probably been exposed to an x-ray tech and a phlebotomist, but there are so many more jobs and people involved in the healthcare business.

Healthcare is a rewarding field to work in. You get to help people, either both directly or indirectly; there are lots of opportunities for learning and growth, and the field is stable. There will always be work to keep people well and improve the health or comfort of those who need it. 

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SKHCC is a passion project for the Salem Clinic Medical Foundation (SCMF) team. SCMF supports health and health education work in the Mid-Willamette Valley, making the SKHCC website a perfect fit.

The SKHCC website should be viewed as a tool to learn about, compare, and contrast career options in healthcare. Each featured career includes a job description, starting hourly wage, annual earning potential, duration of schooling required, links to local schools that provide the education necessary to get into that job, and more. We know that not everyone wants to go to school for seven more years or even seven more weeks after high school. Many entry-level healthcare careers are just as vital and rewarding as their credentialed counterparts.

There is a role in healthcare for everyone. Find your career path today!

Note:  The website is a work in progress, building and evolving to include more career options and enhanced features. At launch, the featured careers are primarily those found in an outpatient medical clinic. As we grow, so will the reach of the roles. Don’t see the job for you today? Come back again later.

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