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Assist in activities of care coordination, care management, and disease management for patients. 

Typical Requirements: 

  1. Possession of an LPN license.
  2. Two years experience working in a medical facility.
  3. Effective customer service skills and a positive attitude.
  4. Strong written, verbal, and telephone communication skills.
  5. Excellent organizational skills with the ability to pay close attention to detail.
  6. Ability to work in a high-volume environment.
  7. Ability to exercise initiative and sound judgment.
  8. Ability to establish effective working relationships with staff and physicians.
  9. Ability to use a computer. Proficient keyboarding skills.
  10. Knowledge of principles and skills needed to collect data and provide nursing assessment, intervention, and treatment.
  11. Knowledge of medications and their effects on patients.
  12. Knowledge of patient education principles to assist patients in caring for themselves

Preferred Qualifications: 

  1. Thorough understanding of transitions of healthcare from acute to ambulatory settings.
  2. Care Management experience.
  3. Experience with quality assurance and performance improvement.
  4. Familiarity with industry standards of practice.
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Pay Ranges

Base Hourly: $26 per hour
Annual: $54000 – $69000

Education & Experience

Est. Education Duration: 1 years
Est. Experience Required: 2 years

Educational Opportunities

No specific schooling required