Are you a fit?

Are you highly organized and detail-oriented? Do you enjoy negotiating and fostering relationships? A Medical Buyer, is an important role in any large healthcare entity; they are tasked with both controlling costs and ensuring sufficient supplies for business activity. In an outpatient setting, a medical buyer works to procure items ranging from juice & crackers to million dollar healthcare instruments, vaccines, toilet paper and everything in between.


The Medical Buyer is responsible for the researching, identifying, requisitioning, and ordering of medical/surgical supplies and diagnostic equipment for use in hospitals and ancillary clinics. The general duties include:

  • Negotiating contracts with vendors
  • Issuing purchase orders for materials
  • Matching purchase orders with invoices
  • Verifying delivery schedules

A medical buyer needs to stay up-to-date on pricing and industry trends, such as special taxes levied on medical devices and GS1 supply chain standards that govern bar codes and other universal tracking methods for equipment and health care supplies. They  communicate frequently with hospital/clinic departments to monitor their needs. They coordinate purchases with an outside group-purchasing organizations to obtain supplies and equipment at lower rates.

Pay Ranges

Base Hourly: $23 per hour
Annual: $49000 – $61000

Education & Experience

High school diploma or equivalent
Est. Experience Required: 1 years

Educational Opportunities