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A good Pharmacy Technician is customer service-oriented; they make an effort to greet customers in a friendly manner and answer their questions, or connect them with the Pharmacist. A good Pharmacy Technician should have an ethical code that enables them to deny customers additional medications or advanced prescription refills. They should also be a team player to ensure continuity of pharmacy operations. Pharmacy Technicians can work in a variety of settings, including stand-alone retail pharmacies, hospitals and health clinics.


Pharmacy Technicians work closely with Pharmacists and other Pharmacy Technicians to prepare prescriptions and help customers. Their job is to receive stock orders from pharmaceutical companies and review order requests from Physicians to determine new prescriptions or changes to existing customer prescriptions. They may also be responsible for helping customers update their contact or insurance information on file.

Typical duties include:

  • Supporting pharmacological services by assembling, stocking and distributing medications
  • Maintaining records by recording and filing the prescriptions and orders of Physicians
  • Sorting, stocking and labeling medications and monitoring inventory
  • Responding to the requests of patients and healthcare providers, answering their questions and referring various inquiries to the Pharmacist
  • Complying with rules, regulations and procedures to help maintain a clean and safe pharmacy, such as by sterilizing equipment and surfaces
  • Processing prescriptions electronically and ensuring all information is accurate and complete
  • Generating revenue by recording, calculating and issuing charges
  • Administrative tasks, such as record-keeping

Pharmacy Technician training programs vary. There are 1-year certificates, 2-year associate degrees and 4-year bachelor degree programs.  Being a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) can be advantageous when applying for jobs.

Pharm Tech

Pay Ranges

Base Hourly: $24 per hour
Annual: $50000 – $62000

Education & Experience

Est. Education Duration: 1 years
Est. Experience Required: 1 years

Educational Opportunities