Are you a fit?

You might enjoy working as a physician recruiter if you enjoy communicating with people and have excellent networking skills. A physician recruiter is a health care professional who helps medical practices by hiring new staff members. Physicians recruiters can work independently on contract, or within a healthcare institution.


Typical Duties:

  • Identifying qualified candidates for open positions at hospitals or other medical facilities
  • Conducting interviews with candidates
  • Building a large professional network
  • Retaining doctors who currently work at health care facilities
  • Finding opportunities for health care professionals who are looking for work
  • Facilitating communication between candidates and potential employers
  • Traveling to different facilities and interview sites


  • Physician recruiters only typically need a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience to find work. 
  • HR skills
  • Knowledge of employment law
  • Familiarity with recruiting processes
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Legal knowledge