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The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Administrator orchestrates a complex set of functions to achieve successful imaging storage and sharing. A PACS administrator has a foot in two worlds: clinical healthcare and information technology. A PACS administrator must communicate clearly regarding highly technical information, while understanding the diagnostic process of the radiologist and the technologist. Excellent communication skills are a must, as is attention to detail.


Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: 

  1. The ability to analyze complex issues and diagnose concerns with the PACS system.
  2. Computer knowledge and keyboarding experience.
  3. Ability to support physicians and patients as number one with critical thinking skills and knowledge to ensure patient care is not delayed and quality is at the utmost priority.
  4. Familiarity with OCI radiology enterprise, Primordial & Powerscribe software.
  5. Knowledge of EPIC configuration and maintenance pertaining to radiology functions.
  6. Knowledge of Hologic including the SoftCopy Workstation, SecureView, and Acquisition Station (however will not touch the radiology equipment) – if images need to be resent; a technologist must assist in pushing images.
  7. Knowledge of Digisonics, DynaCad, Philips InteliSpace Portal CT recon software for angios.
  8. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  9. Ability to handle multiple tasks, prioritizes workload, and meets deadlines.
  10. Excellent verbal and written communication skills that results in timely and proactive communication via email, memos, or verbal communication to all end users regarding functionality, downtime, changes, or workflow issues. (when appropriate radiologists, Salem Clinic Physicians, and technologists).
  11. Effective, independent, leadership & communication to guide end users through downtime (physicians/staff end users).
  12. Ability to analyze information, solves problems, and makes decisions using reasonable and logical judgment.


Preferred Qualifications: 

  1. Graduate of an Accredited Radiologic Technology Program
  2. Two years of related PACS experience
  3. Three years of help desk duties in PACS, Epic or an imaging environment
  4. Radiant Proficiency in Epic as needed, as appropriate, and as requested.
Lhp 2517

Pay Ranges

Base Hourly: $22 per hour
Annual: $46000 – $58000

Education & Experience

Est. Education Duration: 2 years
Est. Experience Required: 5 years

Educational Opportunities