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The Records Corrections/Master Patient Index Specialist (RC/MPI) is responsible for a variety of tasks, including: 1) assessing, investigating and processing potential duplicate patient accounts by merging or marking as Known Non Duplicate, 2) assessing, investigating and processing patient overlays in Epic when key patient demographics are updated by end users, 3) proofing, editing, printing and stuffing patient letters, 4) assessing, investigating and processing records corrections in OnBase, and 5) scanning external media for viruses/malware prior to importing outside records into Epic.


Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: 

  1. Ability to communicate clearly, professionally, and courteously; effective listening, writing, spelling, and reading skills. Communication skills must support face-to-face, telephone, and written communication methods.
  2. Ability to identify pertinent information from medical documentation.
  3. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  4. Moderate computer skills; comfortable with keyboard, 10-key, mouse, word processing, and Microsoft operating system functionality.
  5. Detail-oriented.
  6. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment while maintaining a high accuracy rate.
  7. Organizational skills.
  8. Time management skills.
  9. Able to work as a team.
  10. Problem-solving skills.
  11. Phone skills.


Preferred Qualifications: 

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Completion of medical terminology course or two years of on-the-job HIM experience.
  3. Completion of HIM, HIT, or HSM program.
Lhp 2559

Pay Ranges

Base Hourly: $17 per hour
Annual: $35000 – $46000

Education & Experience

High school diploma or equivalent
Est. Experience Required: 2 years

Educational Opportunities